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First Dance Lessons to Surprise on Your Big Day with a Simple yet Impressive Wedding Dance

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Learn to Dance for Your Wedding

Learning to dance for your big day or any other occasion is more than anything else about what you really want to get out of it. The tips below are the main factors you need to consider when choosing lessons to learn a first dance.

Time before your wedding day
The more time the more choice. For example, with plenty of time ahead of your wedding day, you can check and join any ballroom dancing London based or not classes. That can give you an idea about the main dances then you can choose. With us, you can book lessons anytime before your wedding even at a very short notice.

The first dance itself
Some dances work better with private dance lessons, others with group dance classes or small workshops. For example, Fox-Trot works well with dance workshops as well as individual lessons. 

The dance routine or choreography
Bespoke private dance lessons are great for learning a detailed first dance choreography or a last minute wedding dance routine. 

If you really want to learn how to dance for your wedding you ought to avoid group classes, because it is hard to build not even a simple routine. If you have time, try booking any ballroom dancing London based classes or the area you are in, they can help give you a an idea about the basic steps.  

Group dance classes are relatively cost effective. Private dance lessons are more exclusive and vary in price and quality. Semi-private or small dance workshops are priced in between. We can arrange the most suitable dance class for your wedding first dance.

For lessons in the privacy of your own home dance lessons are an excellent option. Group dance sessions prefer a studio with lots of space. You can learn a first dance using both your own home or our studio. We can come and teach you at home anywhere and anytime.

Call or email Paul now using the details at the top of the page to book lessons for your big day.

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