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First Dance Songs

What constitutes top first dance wedding songs? There is no right or wrong when it comes to selecting first dance songs; you can go for any type of music as long as you are happy using it.

You can create your own list of the best wedding songs or I can help you choose from a comprehensive first dance wedding music based on music other couples have opted for. Either way, knowing a few simple tips can make a great difference in picking up something that would appeal to you as well as to your guests.

Important: The crucial thing to remember is that the two of you like the tune you want to use as your wedding dance song. It makes it a natural choice to go for. I have come across couples who went for what they thought to be great first dance wedding songs I would never have thought of as first dance material, let alone suggest it.

For example, one couple went for the theme from Baywatch TV series. Everyone loved it and thought it was one the best first dance songs ever.

It's simple: If you like a song because it means something to you, because of the way it makes you feel or for its lyrics, you go for it. Does it have to be amongst top first dance songs? Not at all!

There are three factors you should consider when selecting a wedding dance song:

The songs listed are wedding songs most wedding couples I have taught, 1407 as of 2016, have chosen to dance to on their wedding day. I have over time divided all first dance songs I have come across into four special wedding dance songs lists.

1. Favourite first dance songs: Songs that appear on a regular basis as the main first dance song choice or at least a strong contender for many couples. They tend to be all-time classics, and are considered as best wedding dance songs.

2. Popular first dance songs: Songs that appear often as the main wedding dance song choice for many couples. Some of them may be slow, some are long or their lyrics may not always be ideal for a wedding occasion. They are prone to music trends of a particular time.

3. Unique first dance songs: Songs that are one-off choice first dance songs special to a couple only. Such songs are unique because in nine out of ten cases, they will not be chosen by other couples.

4. Top first dance songs: These are songs that are a combination of the above three. They have been chosen as a first dance tune more than once and can turn into favourite or popular first dance wedding songs. Consider going for any of them because they offer a wide choice of music.

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