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How to Choose Your Wedding Dance

Choosing wedding dances is the easiest part of getting together a decent first dance. Be it a Waltz or a Swing wedding dance, it is all about learning the basics and gathering as much information about your first dance as possible.

You can go for a simple routine or a highly bespoke wedding dance choreography. I can help you create the most suitable dance routine to any first dance song you want to dance to.

However, before making a decision, check the following tips and first dance ideas; they will help you with the process of choosing a wedding dance.


The Wedding Dance Song

By choosing the song you narrow the choice down to usually one wedding dance. Some songs can apply to more than one dance. For example, Sway by Dean Martin is a Rumba, by Michael Buble a Cha-Cha.

For a full list of first songs for wedding dances, please see first dance songs ideas


The Wedding Dress & Shoes

The tighter the dress the less space is needed to dance. Tight dresses limit the movement and work better with Latin dances. Draped full skirt gowns allow plenty of movement and would suit Ballroom dances so long as the train can be hooked up. 

The height of the heel and the type of shoe may affect the wedding dance performance. Low heel shoes tend to provide better grip and support on the floor.

Jimmy Choo shoes are by far the best performing wedding shoes because of they provide comfort. Don’t forget, you are going to be on your feet all day.


The Wedding Venue

Some wedding venues offer a large, others a small space to dance. This can influence the choice of dances and movements, and of the actual wedding dance choreography. Large spaces favour Ballroom type dances such as the Slow Waltz, small ones are more suitable for Latin dances such as Mambo.


The Dance Floor

The type of dance floor: wood; carpet; grass; marble or even sand, needs to be considered because it has a say in selecting a wedding dance. Smaller floors prefer dances such as a Rumba or Salsa, larger ones Fox-Trot or Waltz.

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