Sophie and Hamish's first dance Tim & France's First Dance Jenny & Harris's First Dance Tracy & Rich's First Dance Alastair & Melissa's First Dance Robert & Matthew's First Dance Ashley & Grace's First Dance
Sophie and Hamish's first dance Tim & France's First Dance Jenny & Harris's First Dance Tracy & Rich's First Dance Alastair & Melissa's First Dance Robert & Matthew's First Dance Ashley & Grace's First Dance

First Dance Lessons to Make You Shine and Surprise Guests with  an Impressive yet Relaxed Wedding Dance

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 Years down the line, when Looking at Your Wedding First Dance Photos

You'll Remember Your Wedding Dance Lessons with Fondness


Why would a wedding couple can go for the "wedding shuffle"? I guess you have seen it: the bride and groom shuffling their feet and the upper body swinging aimlessly. The couple and all the guests in the room want the wedding dance over as soon as possible.

You have only one chance to make a great impression with your first dance on the big day; grab it with both your hands! Because there's magic in this moment; pure magic. Imagine the flow of the wedding gown on the floor as you walk to the sound of your first dance song. It's utterly awesome.

The first dance is the only time when all eyes are on both of you; each and everyone waiting for you to dance as a married couple.

Preparing for the first dance is easy and you can...

  • Learn to dance with ease & confidence
  • Dance to your chosen first song no matter how fast or slow it may be
  • Have a simple dance or a carefully prepared choreography. The secret is simple; it's all about learning the basics
  • Start your first dance lessons anytime you want

Here's how to nail your first dance:

  • Prepare to dance for at least 2 minutes, which is the average time for the guests to join you on the floor
  • Learn an introduction, which is the time you walk on the floor as your first song is on, and show the best of your wedding gown. Imagine how it would flow and sway around with a simple twirl?
  • Create a lovely and impressive main wedding dance by dancing simple steps and variations to help you look relaxed and at ease (nothing outlandish or complicated)
  • Learn tips on how to look casual as you have never had any dance lessons
  • Use a finale to make a dramatic finish athe end of the dance. It would give the groom the chance to finish it anytime he feels is the right moment to do so
  • Learn how to slow down your first dance and invite the guests to join in and dance next to you

It doesn't matter if you have danced before or not, or if you have a week, a month or a year before your big day. Wedding dance lessons, even a single one, would help a lot. You can do it; the devil though is in the details...

          1. You make everyone see the right posture, which makes for great photos (look how impressive Sophie's dress is in the photo above)
          2. When to look into one another eyes and when to check where you are on the floor
          3. How to move gracefully on the floor and build up your weeding first dance smoothly. The first 17-20 seconds are crucial as it is when issues, especially with the dress, can happen
          4. Ways to use changes in the music to throw in impressive moves and variations
          5. What to do if something goes wrong. And it's not what most people think how to handle it
          6. Tips on how to get your guests excited and want to come and join you on the floor

You want your guests dance and have fun. A well crafted wedding first dance can really get this going, and you can learn this even with one lesson. Here's why...

  • You can make an informed decision as to what works best for your first dance
  • I can give you tailored advice to suit your first dance
  • You'll be able to see for yourself what dance suits you best and shape it to your first song
  • You'll find out what wedding dance package works for you
  • You can start practising and improve your wedding dance right after your first lesson

Here's what you need to know about booking dance classes to learn to dance for your big day.

When: You can book lessons with us anytime weekdays and weekends, including Sundays. I’ve helped wedding couples have lessons as early as 6.30am and as late as 11.30pm.

Locations: You can have private dance lessons at the privacy of your home, in our dance school or both. Dance studios are available in:

  • Kensington: Earls Court Road, W8
  • Central London: Blandford Street, W1
  • North London: Swiss Cottage, NW6
  • West London: Paddington, W2

Wedding First Dance Songs: You can bring your own first dance song or select from more than 257 first songs as chosen by couples since 2001

Full Privacy: You can have private dance lessons with no other sessions taking place at the same time as yours which gives you the maximum for your first dance.

Guaranteed Success: One top teacher will be preparing your first dance from the beginning to the end. You'll get to learn the dance in half the required time. A wedding first dance is a specific dance for a specific occasion; it has to be approached and planned as such. If you are not happy with the results you'll get your money back and no question asked.

Getting Started: For a relaxed and comfortable wedding first dance that you and will treasure forever the sooner you get started the better. Remember to ask to have the lessons with Paul.

Prices & Packages:

Single 45 minute Lesson £79
Standard 90 minute Session £149

Package 1: £295.00 Two Standard Sessions (Last Minute Dance Package)
Package 2: £430.00 Three Standard Sessions
Package 3: £555.00 Four Standard Sessions
Package 4: £675.00 Five Standard Sessions
Package 5: £715.00 Six Standard Sessions

Call the number at the top of the page or email Paul now to book lessons for your big day:



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