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Other Wedding Dances

Quick Step First Dance

Quick Step is a marriage of two dances: Charleston and Fox-Trot. It is quite fun to dance. The music is very fast and dancers need to move continuously around the floor. You need plenty of energy to keep up with the flowing movement. At crowded venues, it can get frustrating dancing the Quick Step as it needs lots of space.

Quick Step as a First Dance
A first dance Quick Step is not a popular choice compared to other wedding dances. First, it is not suitable for small to medium space. Second, the speed with which it moves can easily interfere with the bridal dress.

Quick Step Songs
There are not many Quickstep songs modern choices. A popular Quickstep song is:

Let's Face the Music and Dance by Nat King Cole

Samba First Dance

Samba is from Brazil. You need a lot of patience to learn the basic steps as there is lots of skipping involved. It is fast and does not go down well in slow motion. It uses little to medium space.

Samba as a First Dance
Samba first dance is not suitable for a wedding dance. This is due to the nature of its basic step, the speed of the music, and also the limited choice of songs. Very few couples end up using it.

A good Samba first dance song is:

Love is In the Air by John Paul Young

Merengue First Dance

Merengue is the easiest dance to learn because of its simple two-movement basic step. Its simplicity allows it to take moves from other dances, especially Salsa, and create many simple turns and variations. Merengue music is fun and lively and easy to follow.

Merengue as a First Dance
As a first dance, Merengue is not used as often as the other wedding dances. But it is a good wedding evening dance because it is fun to dance throughout the night.

Merengue can be suitable for weddings both indoors and outdoors. It adapts easily to any dress code for both the bride and the groom.

A Merengue first dance songs example:

We no Speak Americano by Yolanda Be Cool & DCUP

Ceroc First Dance

Ceroc is a fusion of Salsa, Ballroom, Hip Hop, Tango, Swing and Blues. It is sometimes referred to as the Modern Jive. It is a suitable dance for learning to dance. It is a stylish dance with extremely simple basic steps, especially for the male partner.

Ceroc as a First Dance
Ceroc is suitable as a wedding dance, especially during the reception. It adapts to any wedding venue dance floor and has a huge choice of songs. Some of the best Ceroc songs are borrowed from other dance songs and adapts easily to each of them.

Ceroc First Dance Songs: For more wedding dance songs of the dances listed above use: Other Wedding Dance Songs

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