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Best Wedding Songs by Dance

On the left-hand sidebar menu you'll find a detailed list of wedding songs but now arranged by the type of dance they apply to. But how do you know the song you'd like to use for your first dance is one of the best wedding dance songs?

It comes down to the speed of music and the size of the steps of the actual dance. When the rhythm of the song fits well the basic step of the dance you chose for it, you have a winner: it's amongst the best wedding songs list! 

For example, Ed Sheran's Thinking Out Loud can be one of the best wedding dance songs ever if you were to pair it with the social Rumba. And this is because Rumba's basic step is a box type movement, it fits the song's tempo without needing massive steps and interfering with the wedding gown. You could do Waltz to it or even Fox-Trot, yet Rumba is its perfect fit.

For rare choice wedding dances, such as Quick-Step, there is a section at the bottom of the sidebar called Other Wedding Dance Songs. The rest of first dance songs apply to the particular first dances as listed. 

This doesn't mean you can't apply any wedding dance songs you like to a different dance for your wedding. Not at all. The beauty of it is you are free to go for any first song you like, regardless of what other couples may have gone for.

Here's what is worth knowing: most wedding dance songs can be danced to more than a dance, you can even merge two first songs into one first dance routine. This list of first songs by dance helps you narrow the choice down to a particular type of wedding dance you want to put together.

Call or email Paul now using the details at the top of the page to discuss your wedding dance songs preference and the most suitable type of first dance for your wedding.

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