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First Dance Lessons to Surprise on Your Big Day with a Simple yet Impressive Wedding Dance

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Viennese Waltz First Dance

Viennese Waltz is an elegant and graceful dance. It is a faster version of the slow Waltz. Once you learn the basic step, it is pretty much the whole dance. Due to its speed and continuous rotation, it does not respond well to small floors.

Viennese Waltz as a First Dance 
Viennese Waltz makes for a remarkable wedding first dance. Though fast, the basic step can easily be danced on the spot, back and forth or sideways and that is its strongest point as a wedding dance.

The bride would be brimming with elegance and the gown would look fabulous. It sets a lively atmosphere amongst and charms the guests, who would usually wait for the couple to finish before they join them on the floor. The groom is best with the jacket on and buttoned.   

Viennese Waltz Music List
Sometimes, if you wait for the guest to join you on the floor it may make this dance last unnecessary long. Keep dancing for around one minute and a half and it would be ideal. Also, include an introduction, and everyone will be happy.   

Popular Viennese Waltz first dance songs include:


Can't Help Falling in Love
Elvis Presley

The Blue Danube
Johann Strauss II


That's Amore
Dean Martin

Waltz Nr 2


To listen to Viennese Waltz wedding dance songs, please check Viennese Waltz First Dance Songs

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