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First Dance Lessons to Surprise on Your Big Day with a Simple yet Impressive Wedding Dance

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Last Minute First Dance Classes

Are you in a blind panic, frantically searching for “Private dance lessons London” on Google? Fear not! Some emergency wedding dance lessons will help save the day. Did you know I have taught a couple in the morning of their wedding day? They pulled it off by dancing for around 2.5 minutes, had fun and did a smashing job. The first dance was simple and uncomplicated and it turned out the guests loved it.

Last minute first dance lessons, even a one-off lesson, can make a huge difference in giving you both peace of mind.  And together we can make it work big time. You can book London private dance lessons as early as 7am and, if needed, arrange lessons for as late as late as 10pm or even 11pm. Here is what you need to do.

Try to booking wedding dance lessons at your home if you have a bit of room. It would save you time as you don't have to travel. Also, dance lessons at your own home provide a familiar and relaxed atmosphere. 

If having home lessons is not viable, then come to the studio. Though you may have to travel a bit, it's worth it because the studio provides plenty of room and also it's the closest to a wedding venue you could ever get to use to practice your first dance. 

You can book emergency first dance lessons and packages anytime weekdays, evenings and weekends and even at a very short notice. It doesn't matter where you are and how close your wedding day is, I'll always find the time to accommodate you.

Here are the most popular last minute dance packages:

Package 1
1 X Standard 90 minute Session £139.00

Package 2
2 X Standard Sessions £275.00

Package 3
3 X Standard Sessions £410.00

Call or email Paul now using the details at the top of the page to book wedding dance lessons for your big day.

For faster London private dance lessons feel free to call 07849336110 or use Contact us   



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