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First Dance Lessons to Surprise on Your Big Day with a Simple yet Impressive Wedding Dance

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Disco First Dance

Have you seen John Travolta dancing to Bee Gees songs in "Saturday Night Fever"? It was what started Disco. Disco has a very simple footwork and can be danced in even the smallest of dance floors.

The simple freestyle makes Disco an enjoyable and easy to learn dance. It offers some of the best wedding dance songs if you wanted to dance the Disco as your wedding dance.

Disco as a First Dance
In a wedding reception, Disco is usually preferred as a dance for the guests joining the couple after their first dance. Many guests are familiar with the music which makes it easy for them to join you on the floor.

Disco works well with most bridal dresses, so long as the train is not too long. The groom would be better off taking his jacket off.

The choice of Disco type songs is huge and colorful. A couple I taught, Nick and Becky, went for the theme tune from the Baywatch series. It sent the guests into a meltdown!

Disco First Dance ip
Disco is very rhythmical which makes it easy to switch to another dance style. You can change holding position any time you want.  

Disco Songs
Some of the best wedding dance songs danced as Disco include:


Can't Get Enough of Your Love Babe
Barry White

I Gotta Feeling
Black Eyed Peas

Night Fever
Bee Gees from "Saturday Night Fever"


Just Say Yes
Snow Patrol

You Are My First, My Last, My Everything
Barry White

You're The One That I Want
from Grease


For more Disco wedding dance songs, please click on Disco First Dance Songs

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