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First Dance Lessons to Surprise on Your Big Day with a Simple yet Impressive Wedding Dance

Terms & Conditions


Class - a teaching session for a group.

Private Lesson: an individual teaching session with one teacher per one person or couple. This does not mean the exclusive use of the dance floor/ studio and its facilities and it is quite normal for other personal lessons to be in progress simultaneously.

Course - a number of classes of no less than one session.

Student, Pupil, Client, Customer – a person who attends any session, whether paid or not, organized or booked by Wedding Dance Workshops or its affiliates.  

Valid for

Bookings are valid for 12 months from the date of your payment to Wedding Dance Workshops or a booking made through a voucher. All lessons vouchers are valid for a maximum of 12 months. If the price of lesson you want extension for has been increased you will be asked to pay the difference. No exceptions made.


Payment must be made in advance to Wedding Dance Workshops to secure booking. By paying you confirm you agree to our terms and conditions. This will constitute a contract governed by English Law.

Please note that 48-hour notice of cancellation or postponement of a private or group lesson must be given. Any less than 48-hour cancellation notice will result in you loosing the fee for the lesson you cancelled.

If you wish to cancel a booking you’ve made no refund will be made. In some circumstances it may be possible to consider reschedule a booking, this subject to the type of lessons or activity booked. You agree to pay any difference in the price or administration costs if applicable.

If you do not attend a lesson you have booked no refund will be given. No exceptions made.

If you wish to reschedule a lesson booked an administrative fee may apply. You will be notified of the charge before you decide to reschedule the lesson. Payment will need to be made to confirm the rescheduled lesson.

By paying and booking lessons the client confirms they are fit to participate. The client must notify Wedding Dance Workshops of any medical conditions which may affect participation in any of our classes.


Wedding Dance Workshops reserves the right to cancel lesson within 24 hours notice due to circumstances out of our control. We will take reasonable steps to either reschedule the lesson. If not, the lesson will be refunded the full amount paid for lesson.


You agree that Wedding Dance Workshops and its affiliate teachers and partners will not be liable to you for any claim or demand, including solicitors' fees, arising from your dealings with Wedding Dance Workshops.

By paying and booking lessons clients and wedding couples confirm they have permission to use the music for their lesson.

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